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This is a curated list of Twelve Bottle wine of the month clubs. Our ratings system looks at quality-to-price ratio, shipping costs, uniqueness, and custom features. Wherever possible, prices include shipping costs, but rarely include sales tax. Be sure to select the state you're shipping to, as not all wine clubs can ship to all states.

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Club W Wine Experience
by Club W

Overview: Club W is a new kind of wine club—get a personalized list of available selections each month and then choose your own wine. Very flexible in size of shipment and what goes in the box each month. This makes for a great gift, too!

What We Love: We love the great selection of quirky wines mostly priced at $13 with some better wines sprinkled in. We are especially impressed with the whites and roses which deliver knockout value. We love that you can put as many wines in your box as you want, and that shipping is free on 6 or more bottles.

Could Be Better: The wine descriptions tend to purposely avoid helpful terms that experienced wine drinkers look for in selecting bottles (i.e., no references to "buttery" or "acidic"), and the red wines haven't been our cup of tea. It's hard to sell a good red wine for $13, but we think they can do better here.

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Tasting Room by Lot18
by Lot18

Overview: A personalized wine program powered that gets to know your palate by starting your subscription with a tasting kit—real wine tasting in your living room. A significant step up from anonymous case clubs.

What We Love: Lot18 delivers on value, but at a higher level than other case clubs you might be considering. These selections are tailored to your preferences and they send exclusive wines you won't find anywhere else. Online account management is a big plus.

Could Be Better: We've had some complaints about quality. This is probably more a factor of their high-end marketing push which makes buyers think these are exceptional wines, when really, they're just good wines. Fortunately, they've just made a major upgrade to their customer service procedures and added a phone line, so we think they're heading in the right direction.

WSJwine Wine Club
by Wall Street Journal Wine

Overview: Great value on many different types of wines from around the world and a consumer-favorite wine club.

What We Love: They have one of the best line-ups of introductory offers for wine clubs we've seen.

Could Be Better: With such unprecedent buying power, we'd love to see better quality wines at these prices.

12-bottle Wine Club
by Plonk Wine Merchants

Overview: Featuring hand-picked, adventurous selections from around the world. Great value and great drinking in every shipment.

What We Love: Industry-leading customer service, no ho-hum selections allowed, always over-delivers on value, and it's a great wine club for foodies.

Could Be Better: As this wine club continues to add more benefits like a satisfaction guarantee, discounts on reorders, partnerships to enhance their wine pairing, and more choices for customization, we only have praise for Plonk.

The World of Wine Club
by Vinesse

Overview: One of the best International wine clubs. Each shipment features a new wine region... and often unusual ones!

What We Love: Consistent quality and excellent "discovery" club enhances your wine knowledge and expands your palate.

Could Be Better: We'd love it customers were rewarded for ordering the bigger shipments. "Buy more save more" would be great!

Chardonnay Wine Club
by Vinesse

Overview: A super Chardonnay club at a great price

What We Love: By focusing on Chardonnays that come from some of the world's cheaper wine regions, you get to enjoy all that Chardonnay has to offer and save a few bucks while you're at it

Could Be Better: We'd always like to know which wines have been in recent shipments. Their transparency could be better.

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Forbes Wine Club
by Forbes Wine Club by Lot18

Overview: A personalized wine program powered by the innovative technology of Lot18. The Forbes family seems to love their wine so much, they wanted their own wine club. This offer is very similar to the Tasting Room by Lot18 wine club.

What We Love: The price is right for a mid-quality case of wine, but we love that this one comes tailored to your specific tastes. The tasting kit makes for a fun wine adventure right in your living room, and thank goodness you can manage your entire account online.

Could Be Better: We'd like to see a higher-end version of this program offering $25 bottles instead of $12 bottles. The concept is right, but the quality isn't appropriate for a wine connoisseur.

Light & Sweet Wine Club
by Vinesse

Overview: A rare wine club designed for those who love light and sweet wines. Great for summer sipping and you don???t even need food to enjoy these gems.

What We Love: We strongly support all niche wine clubs. The taste of wine is subjective and we think everyone should drink what they love.

Could Be Better: We'd love to see customers rewarded for buying bigger allotments. "Buy more save more" would be great!

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Quarterly Case Club
by Cellars Wine Club

Overview: The best quality wines in a quarterly case wine club for this price. When compared to Zagat, WSJ, and Laithwaite's, we'd pick the Cellars Quarterly Case club hands down.

What We Love: Cellars Wine Club is a (mostly) green company. They use earth-friendly packaging that is 100% recyclable.

Could Be Better: We'd like a better understanding of how they select their wines. We know some of what they've selected, but not anything about why. An Introductory Offer would be cool, too!

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California Treasures
by Vinesse

Overview: Value-minded selections for California wine lovers

What We Love: California wines can get pricey because real estate is so expensive here, but Vinesse finds great bargains to represent California

Could Be Better: Considering there'???s a glut of high-end California wine on the market, we think this wine club could deliver better quality wine for these value prices

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