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All-Around Wine Club Rating:

This Wine Club is rated 3.5 stars
  • Satisfaction Guarantee:

    This Wine Club is rated 5 stars
  • Wine Quality:

    This Wine Club is rated 2 stars
  • Price of Wine:

    This Wine Club is rated 1 stars
  • Discount Opportunities:

    This Wine Club is rated 5 stars
  • Convenience:

    This Wine Club is rated 4 stars
  • Personalization:

    This Wine Club is rated 3 stars
  • Gift-worthiness:

    This Wine Club is rated 2 stars
  • Customer Service Record:

    This Wine Club is rated 3 stars
  • Curation Process:

    This Wine Club is rated 3 stars
  • Uniqueness of the Club:

    This Wine Club is rated 3 stars
  • Educational Materials:

    This Wine Club is rated 3 stars

Wine Choices

Red-only and White-only options   Red-only and White-only options   Red-only and White-only options  

Billing Choices


Shipment Choices

Quarterly Semi-Annually

Ships to



Wines hand-picked and delivered to compliment each season

What We Like

It's better to ship more wine less often, so we like the way they've compressed a normal 2-bottle monthly club


Great value and a great track record are nothing to sneeze at, but we???d like to see a better understanding of where the wines will come from.

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Things to know

  • Shipping is extra
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: No commitment, no annual fees, cancel any time
  • Shipments options are more accurately Semi-Annually, 3x per year (Every 4 months), 5x per year (quarterly + holiday shipment)
  • Price is variable. Each bottle is $20-25, plus tax and delivery
  • For all orders and club shipments of wine to NY, NJ, MD, ME, DC, PA, MA, IN, AZ, KS, MT, DE, RI, FL, and MI an additional surcharge of $1.62 will be added to the shipment total. For residential deliveries, a $2.50 surcharge will be applied.

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There is much talk in the wine world about great wine and food pairings. Indeed, the right wines and the right foods when paired perfectly do raise each to something more special than either on their own... but for most of us who don’t have trained palates and who don’t plan every detail in our lives so painstakingly. So thankfully, we have Vinesse’s Four Seasons Wine Club!

The Four Seasons Wine Club gives us the opportunity to cook foods we love in any season (Barbecue in the summer, fresh vegetables in the Spring, Seafood, etc.) and always have the right wines on hand. Ironically, this is really a FIVE season club... the fifth season is “Holiday.” But we like that too because we need good Pinot Noir for Thanksgiving and the perfect bubbly for New Year’s, too.

Unlike some wine clubs out there, you get a lot of perks for joining this Four Seasons Wine Club. In your first shipment you’ll get a great little Wine Exploration guide which includes how to identify flavors in your wine, wine and food pairing suggestions by varietal, and even how to host a wine tasting party in your own home.

With each shipment you’ll also get tasting notes and pairing suggestions for those wines AND a comment card which you can either mail back or go online to submit your ratings of the wines you’ve received. Vinesse (the company that runs this Four Seasons Wine Club uses this information to make even better buying decisions in the future.

Another great perk from Vinesse is incredible opportunities to buy more wine. In addition to being able to reorder wines from your wine club shipment (when they’re available), you’ll also be offered exclusive deep discounts on other wines. You can sample your way through International wines, the Pacific Northwest, Merlots from around the world, and many more choices. For an even deeper discount, you can enroll in their Grab Bag program where you’ll get a mystery case of wine. Sounds scary? It shouldn’t! The same great wines Four Seasons sends to its customers end up in these mystery cases when there’s extra inventory on hand.

Have you read complaints about Vinesse online? Please read this Vinesse Review before you decide for yourself.

Last Updated: 6/22/2011

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Each Four Seasons Sampler features wines paired for best enjoyment with the foods of that season — Spring, Summer, Fall, Holiday and Winter.

For example, our Summer Sampler features four wines particularly suited for barbeques, picnics, or stand-alone summer sipping. Our Fall Sampler features specially selected fall wines to complement hearty, harvest-time dishes.

Wine “gems” from around the world all specifically chosen by our tasting panel as the absolute best wines for the season.

Four Seasons Spring Wine Sampler

Winter becomes a speck in the rear view mirror, blossoms emerge and adorn the trees in pink and white, and the garden wakes from its slumber. This can only mean one thing — Springtime. And to celebrate the welcome arrival of the warmer months, your 4 Seasons Spring Sampler will arrive chock full of delectable wines like crisp clean Sauvignon Blancs, lush earthy Pinot Noirs, or Unoaked Chardonnays.

Four Seasons Summer Wine Sampler

Hot days, long balmy nights, pool parties, fresh cut grass, baseball, barbecues and 4th of July — Summer abounds with warmth, smiles and a sense of wellbeing that often eludes other seasons. And to match those good feelings, your Summer Sampler will feature classic wines that will cool, refresh and delight — such as light but invigorating Pinot Gris', refreshingly dry Rieslings, or zippy-BBQ-friendly Zinfandels.

Four Seasons Fall Wine Sampler

Days shorten, the familiar sound of leaves crunching underfoot, nature hunkers down for the onset of winter and Thanksgiving brings us all together for family celebrations. Your Fall Sampler will be bursting at the seams with wines that match perfectly with hearty soups, turkey and the foods that are part and parcel of Autumn. Silky smooth Merlots, spicy Gewurztraminers, Zinfandels, or lively multi-textured Viogniers.

Four Seasons Holiday Wine Sampler

Family, Friends, Fun, Food and Festivities abound — it’s the Holidays! To ensure you have holiday fare-friendly wines on hand — your limited edition Holiday Sampler is comprised of wines that will accommodate all of your holiday needs — from cocktail parties, to dinners — from appetizers to desserts, to wonderful holiday and hostess gifts.

Four Seasons Winter Wine Sampler

Snow settling gently on the front lawn, the icy blast that greets you as you leave the house... football, the holidays and the alluring comfort of an open fire...all very familiar features of the cold season. But fear not - your Winter Sampler will instantly warm your heart with big bold Cabernet Sauvignons, fat oaky Chardonnays, or even full bodied Shiraz' — all carefully selected to take the chill off and match perfectly with the hearty foods that are synonymous with Winter.

Last Updated: 5/22/2011



Four Seasons Wine Club

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