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All-Around Wine Club Rating:

This Wine Club is rated 3.5 stars
  • Satisfaction Guarantee:

    This Wine Club is rated 1 stars
  • Wine Quality:

    This Wine Club is rated 3 stars
  • Price of Wine:

    This Wine Club is rated 4 stars
  • Discount Opportunities:

    This Wine Club is rated 0 stars
  • Convenience:

    This Wine Club is rated 4 stars
  • Personalization:

    This Wine Club is rated 2 stars
  • Gift-worthiness:

    This Wine Club is rated 3 stars
  • Customer Service Record:

    This Wine Club is rated 3 stars
  • Curation Process:

    This Wine Club is rated 4 stars
  • Uniqueness of the Club:

    This Wine Club is rated 4 stars
  • Educational Materials:

    This Wine Club is rated 3 stars

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A special red wine club featuring higher-quality California wines from boutique wineries.

What We Like

These guys actually live and taste on the Central Coast of California, so they know what's good and they have great relationships to get great deals.


They're overhyping themselves a bit. Not every wine they're offering is super premium, unless you consider that 'premium' means 'over $15' in the wine industry.

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Gourmet Food Clubs has branched out from their original "Central Coast Wine Clubs" approach to include other goodies like food (particularly bacon and other gourmet goodies). In this brand change, they re-evaluated their wine club approach, streamlined your purchasing options, and are focusing on the most popular wine club options. This means they're paying more attention to their primary wine clubs and we like this.

One of the things we really love about this company is that they live and breathe (literally) Central Coast California. We (at WineClubReviews.net) frequently taste wine there and know the region better than most people... this wine club does a great job selecting wineries from Paso Robles and the Central Coast that we think you'll really love.

This wine club used to be known as Coastal Vineyards, but they didn't have a "Red Wine Club" before. They had a "Premium Wine Club" with a red-wine only option. We mention this because it's important backstory.

Last Updated: 10/17/2011

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Welcome To Gourmet Food Clubs Red Wine Wine Club
The World’s Finest, Premium Quality Red Wine Club Membership
Only the Very Best “Connoisseur Choice” Red Wines
Direct Delivered Exactly Where & When You Want
No Membership Fees, No Cancellation Costs & Shipping Is Included!

About the Red Wine Club:
If you’ve already done your homework on California boutique wines or simply want to start your wine club experience with “ONLY” the best of the best "Red Wines", then the "Red Wine Club" is the choice for you.

This club features only the very highest echelon of California boutique "Red" wines, brought to your table monthly with the class, care and confidence that you would naturally expect when “2nd Best” simply isn’t an option.

Far more exclusive in nature, this club delivers nothing but the utmost premium vintages of the prestigious, small production, specialty wineries of note and therefore, presents the rising “aficionado” with the optimum opportunity to quickly, easily and most effectively “assemble” an impressive and refined “connoisseur’s collection of rare and delectable vintages in your personal wine cellar.

Isn’t it time hat you finally decide to see for yourself; exactly what all the fuss and buzz is about? California's upscale premium varietal wines are once again soaring in popularity and experiencing yet another tremendous boom, both domestically as well as for export abroad. Come discover what it is that draws the fervent loyalty of those world-class experts, across the seven seas, who annually anticipate the arrival of their own personal “Premium California experience!”

What you get:
Each month, you'll receive two distinctly different and thoroughly unique award winning selections of California "Red Wines". Our wine selections come from California wineries in the Paso Robles and Santa Barbara Regions. We focus our efforts on finding you wines that have yet to be discovered. Though we feature a wide variety of Red Wines, you should expect, Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Bordeaux, Merlot and Syrah selections. We believe that you should drink a wine not for the artistic label or fancy name or even worse the Wine Spectator rating, you should drink the wine because it was custom crafted by specialty winemakers who are still faithful to the art of making wine with passion that can be tasted in each and every bottle opened, poured and enjoyed. That is why our tag line has become so popular, when we say, “you’ll be saying I knew them when…” meaning we only feature wines that have yet to be discovered but they certainly will be.

What if this is a gift?
You may choose your first date of delivery during checkout as well as enclose a personalized gift message!

Shipping Included
Every one of our monthly clubs includes the shipping and handling cost!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We believe that our members deserve NOTHING but the very best, and we won't rest till we are absolutely assured that we are continuously supplying it. At gourmetfoodclubs.com only the best of the best permitted to bear our trusted name and grace our online showroom. We know you as the client, wouldn't have it any other way! If for any reason you are not satisfied we will reship or refund your purchase hassle-free. We stand behind all of our products and our guarantee allows you to shop with confidence at gourmetfoodclubs.com.

Last Updated: 10/17/2011


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