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Top 5 Wine Clubs

Top 5 Wine Clubs

Our editors have pored over our extensive wine club reviews and hand-selected these clubs because they exceed our expectations as compared to similar wine clubs, they offer better value or a better selection of wines than similar wine of the month clubs, and our readers buy these wine clubs more often than similar clubs.

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Best Red Wine Clubs

Best Red Wine Clubs

The best red wine clubs are a mix of two things: the best wine clubs overall, and getting the most value on red wine (which can be expensive for the good stuff). We sifted through our independent wine club reviews to figure out which wine clubs are really the best red wine clubs. These red wine clubs are sure to delight.

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Best White Wine Clubs

Best White Wine Clubs

Not surprisingly, there are a number of amazing values in white wine clubs. Since white wine is often cheaper than red for similar quality, we went even further with our best white wine clubs list, looking for the clubs that offer you interesting whites, not just good whites. Use our reviews to further refine your selection.

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Best California Wine Clubs

Best California Wine Clubs

When it comes to California wine clubs, we've reviewed the most. And probably tasted the most, too. We live in California and frequently go wine tasting at the wineries. We know which producers deliver tremendous value, and then we use this information when we review all wine clubs featuring California wines.

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Best Wine Club Gifts

Best Wine Club Gifts

A monthly wine club makes for a wonderful gift, for any type of wine lover. If your recipient drinks occasionally, or is someone you don’t know really well, you’ll find this selection of best wine club gift reviews a perfect place to shop. Great packaging, consistently good-quality wines, and of course the thoughtfulness of a wine gift that keeps on giving.

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Most Interesting Wine Clubs

Most Interesting Wine Clubs

There are many “standard” two-bottle of the month wine clubs out there—one white, one red, virtually (and often literally) guaranteed not offend anyone. But if you’re intrigued by the unusual, distinctive, or boutique wines of the world, we suggest you take a look at this list of Most Interesting wine clubs.

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Wine Club Gifts

The excitement of a monthly wine delivery, elaborate newsletters with recipes for food pairings and educational articles, and boutique wines will delight any wine drinker.

Wine of the month clubs make excellent gifts for any type of wine drinker.

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Wine Gift Baskets

Say Thank You or Congratulations or Happy Birthday! Wine basket gifts come with snacks and special bottles of wine to show how much you care. We've hand-picked the best ones for you.

Wine basket gifts are a great way to help celebrate any occasion.

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Wine Gift Sets

If you're buying a gift for a wine lover we highly recommend exploring wine gift sets. These hand-picked sets come with 2-4 bottles, in unusual packaging, with high-end accessories, or just really great wines.

Wine gift sets are the ideal gifts for the wine enthusiasts in your life.

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Shipping wine is complicated!

If you live in one of the alcohol-friendly states, it probably never occurred to you that we have some arcane shipping laws in this country when it comes to alcohol. This makes purchasing a wine club as a gift, or even for yourself, just a teeny bit more challenging.

FedEx will ship wine clubs to the green states in the map, IF the wine club has a license to do so in that state. Those purple states are mostly off limits to FedEx, but other shippers might be able to send wine to them. See how this gets complicated quickly?

But never fear! WineClubReviews is here! We've organized the wine clubs we've reviewed into handy "ship to state" pages, so you can send your wine to Maryland, Pennsylvania, and even Utah (well, maybe not Utah).

» Ship wine to Georgia
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If your state isn't listed above, you can still refine your shopping experience on our site to only see wine clubs that will ship to your state by following this link:

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Our Latest Wine Club Reviews

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Premier Series by The California Wine Club Review

Updated December 31, 2013
We've been watching The California Wine Club for over four years now, and we felt it was time for an update to this now outdated review. We've been impressed by quality at this price-point, which has remained steady while the costs of wine and their competitors' prices keep going up. This is now a highly-recommended California Wine Club that's great for yourself or as a gift.

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inClub by Invino Review

Published December 29, 2013
The inClub by Invino is, we believe, the world's first bespoke wine club. That means you can customize it exactly the way you want it (pretty close at least). The possibilities are endless and we love this wine club for connoisseurs who think the only place to buy wine is a local wine shop and any wine lover who appreciates great value without sacrificing quality.

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Purple Bottle Club Review

Published November 20, 2013
Purple Bottle Club is a brand new boutique wine club featuring quirky wines from small-production wineries and acclaimed winemakers around the world. Enjoy buy-more-save-more pricing, wines with personality, and try unique wine club offerings including a mix of still and sparkling wines in the same shipment.

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Battle of the Month Review

Published September 27, 2013
Wine Battles is a new, and special, kind of wine club. The company has taken their unique tournament-style platform—where similar wines go head to head, vying for the top spot in their category and price range— and spun it out into a monthly wine club. Now you can get the head-to-head experience every month, regardless of the tournament schedule.

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Plonk Wine Club Review

Updated September 24, 2013
There are a small handful of wine clubs out there designed for adventurous wine drinkers who want to expand their palates, and are willing to take a leap to try things they'd never otherwise get to try. Plonk is one of these wine clubs.

Whether you are adventurous wine enthusiast, or you're purchasing a wine club as a gift for one, here are the reasons why we think Plonk is a 5-star wine club...

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Club W Wine Experience Review

Published September 9, 2013
Club W is not your ordinary wine of the month club—they've essentially reinvented the concept.

You're probably familiar with the model where every month two bottles of wine arrive at your door. You get two wines that will appeal to the broadest number of palates, and that presumably are worth roughly what you've paid for them. Today, when we can buy anything on the internet and companies are bending over backwards to personalize every shopper's experience, this model is becoming outdated.

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Customer-Preferred Wine Clubs

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WSJWine Wine Club Review

The Wall Street Journal Wine Club helped to redefine the wine club industry. By switching formats from the familiar two-bottle monthly gifts, and instead focusing on delivering consistent value for regular wine buyers, WSJWine found they could deliver even more wine for less cost. The Wall St Journal is a much trusted name and their wine club has a great introductory offer, making it a very popular choice among consumers.

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Cellars Wine Club Review

Cellars Wine Club is a perennial favorite. No wine club offers as many choices and provides as many customization opportunities. What customers really love is the easy purchasing process, the no-nonsense pricing, and of course, the free shipping! While Cellars rarely offers a special deal or promotion, their everyday pricing is more than fair.

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About is rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 673 customer ratings

We bet you already know what we do... yep you guessed it, we review wine clubs. We do this to help wine-lovers find the best wine club for themselves or as a gift, all in the name of enjoying drinking wine on any budget.

Our wine club reviews consist of several steps to ensure the wine clubs we have on the site are well-vetted. These wine club review steps include:

Check Out the Wines: We review the wines each wine club has sent in the past (as shown on their own website or, if needed, as requested via email). We verify awards and points, as well as size of production, and we evaluate Quality-to-Price Ratio (QPR). Whenever possible we receive shipments from the wine clubs to keep a trained eye on the quality, too.

Scout the Deals: We look to see what kinds of discounts and perks the wine clubs offer their members. Some wine clubs have introductory offers or provide free-shipping so we want to know about that, too.

Check for Customization: Many wine clubs offer great flexibility in the selection of wine color, frequency of shipping, and payment methods. We use this bend-over-backwards information to help us rate wine clubs.

Read the Fine Print: We check all marketing copy, customer service information, FAQ pages, and return policies. When we find holes in the information, we contact the wine clubs to make sure we know what they will do for their customers and what they won’t.

About Our Wine Club Ratings System

We used to rate all wine clubs based on how much value they provide. What we discovered is that many of the premium wine clubs aren’t about primarily about value (and we don’t think they need to be) and that our readers were missing opportunities to find those premium wine clubs. So... we created a new two-tiered ratings system!

Value wine clubs are rated on these criteria:

  • Quality-to-Price Ratio of the wines they’re offering
  • How the wines are selected. Are any consumers involved in the wine selection process?
  • Customization of wine color, billing frequency, and shipping frequency
  • Reorder discounts
  • Introductory offer
  • Shipping & handling costs
  • Are there any other extras?
  • Customer service policies

Premium wine clubs are rated on these criteria:

  • Is a professional sommelier or WSET-certified person involved in the wine selection process?
  • Are the wines limited production?
  • Are the wines undiscovered gems or hard-to-find?
  • Are the prices justified?
  • Are there allocations for reorders?

We invite your feedback on our wine club reviews and ratings systems both on individual wine clubs and as a whole.

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